17 new tech items you don’t want to miss

From levitating speakers to food printers that decorate cakes, the 2015 CES gadget show in Las Vegas this week has included a wide range of new gadgets from the Internet of Things.

Smart thermostat
Alarm.com offers a smart thermostat that uses information from discreet temperature sensors placed in the most-used rooms of the house (along with datapoints from other connected devices such as motion sensors and security systems) to optimize the temperature for the right room at the right time.

Swing sensor
This Zepp sensor, when attached to the end of a golf club, tennis racket or baseball bat, looks for general motion patterns and uses 3D and video analysis features to allow users to view and improve aspects of their swing.

Wireless lights
In addition to the switching the lights on and off, the color and intensity of BeeWi wirelessly controlled lights can also be adjusted from users’ smart phones.

In-vehicle infotainment system
This Parrot RNB 6 in-vehicle infotainment system offers media playback, navigation, telephony, a dash cam, air control, parking assistance and onboard diagnostics.

Smart fridge magnet
The Invoxia Triby is a smart fridge magnet that can make phone calls, receive digital messages and play music.



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